Understanding the Renters Reform Bill

Understanding the Renters Reform Bill

Understanding the Renters Reform Bill

By Tim Wade – Manager Gallant Richardson Colchester

What the Renters Reform Bill plans to achieve

The Renters (Reform) Bill is set out to achieve the government’s commitment to bring in a better deal for renters, this specifically includes abolishing section 21 ‘no fault’ evictions and reforming landlord possession grounds. It is planned to legislate for reforms set out in the private rented sector white paper published in June 2022.

Why the government are looking to introduce this new legislation?

The private rented housing sector is an important and vital part of the UK housing market, there is strong demand for flexible rental accommodation and it often serves as a stepping stone for many to their dream of home ownership.

To give some context to the high demand for private rental property, the number of properties being rented has doubled since 2004, this peaked in 2016 and has remained at roughly this level since.

In most instances, the landlord/tenant relationship works well, although sadly some renters face a lack of security as a result of section 21 evictions. The resulting short-notice moves negatively impact children’s educational outcomes, make it challenging to hold down stable employment, and prevent families from putting down roots and investing in their local area.

Poor quality housing is also an issue, with almost a quarter of private rented homes not meeting basic decency standards. The government’s intention is to tackle these issues in the private rented sector by legislating to apply a Decent Homes Standard.

Responsible landlords also face challenges, particularly when trying to evict tenants who wilfully do not pay rent or exhibit anti-social behaviour. Landlords also suffer by being undercut by criminal landlords. Reforms aim to celebrate the overwhelming majority of landlords who do a good job and give them peace of mind that they can repossess their property when a tenant is behaving badly, or their circumstances change.

The government’s objectives with the Renters Reform Bill

The Bill aims to improve the system for both the 11 million private renters and 2.3 million landlords. The reforms have been developed in consultation with landlord and tenant groups over the past five years. The Renters (Reform) Bill is hoping to achieve –

For further information and the full implications of the planed Renters Reform Bill, there is a useful guide from the Government.

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