Landlord Legislation - So what happened in 2018



So, what happened in 2018 

Amongst many changes in legislation two of the major changes which came into force during 2018 were the next stages of the Deregulation Act 2015 and the Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards.


Deregulation Act 2015

From a landlord’s perspective it is very important to understand the changes under this legislation and the essential prescribed requirements. Failure to comply can result in landlords not being able to gain possession for their property.

All Assured Shorthold Tenancies created from 1st October 2015 were already governed under the Deregulation Act but there was a three year grace period for tenancies that were in place prior to this. This grace period ended on 1st October 2018. From this date all the ‘Prescribed’ requirements of the act will apply to all tenancies and only the government ‘prescribed form 6A’ can be used by a landlord to serve notice on their tenant. Older S21 notices are no longer valid.

For more information on the Deregulation Act 2015 and the essential prescribed information click here to download our Information Sheet.


Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards. (MEES)

From the 1st of April 2018 landlords were not be able to issue a new tenancy or renew an existing tenancy unless the EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) rating is E or above. All other existing tenancies must follow suit by 1st of April 2020. If you do not have an EPC you will have to provide one to renew your tenancy. If your EPC is rated F or G you will be required to make improvements.

From 1st April 2020 all tenants will have to be provided a copy of a current valid EPC certificate, rated E or above.

We have been working with all our managed landlords to ensure they are compliant and making sure all our landlords, upon renewal issue a valid EPC.

The importance of making sure you comply with the new legalisation and that you can prove you have issued an EPC certificate where, and when, necessary is vital. It is important to remember that under the Deregulation Act 2015 if you have not served your tenant a valid EPC certificate when necessary you will not legally be able to enforce a section 21 notice to gain possession back of your property.

For more information on the Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards. (MEES) click here to download our Information Sheet.