Winter may not seem the perfect time to sell but often people prioritise in the New Year so you might be surprised by demand.

There are a few simply things you can do to help.

  • First impressions really matter. Make sure the front of the house is neat and tidy. Any garden area is well kept, grass neatly trimmed and paths clear or moss and leaves. Have some brightly coloured plants near the front door. A new doormat at the front door can make the property more welcoming.
  • Make sure its warm. Pre-set the heating to come on in advance of any viewing. If you don’t normally heat a room, make sure the radiator is turned on. A cold house does not view well.
  • Make sure all your lights are working. On a dull day good lighting is important. Add some lights to any dark corners you may have.
  • Gardens can be messy in winter. It is worth making sure anything such as garden furniture and patios are clear of moss and leaves. Make sure there no evidence of blocked or leaky gutters which can indicate damage and look bad.