Gaining possession of a property back for a landlord where their tenant is waiting to be re-housed by the local authority could soon become quicker and less painful.

Presently many local authorities tell tenants to remain in the property even through the correct Section 21 notice has been served on them by their landlord and is due to expire. They are advised to ignore the notice and wait until the landlord has had to instruct bailiffs to physically evict them. The process of evicting a tenant in this situation is long and expensive and until a landlord knows a date that the tenants will actually be leaving they cannot re-let their property and therefore face losing rent.

Tenants who need help from the council are stuck because if they ignore the council advice and leave the property the council could decide they have made themselves homeless and then refuse to help rehouse them.

There is a proposed change in the law to get the Housing Act amended so that councils will be obliged to accept a Section 21 notice as evidence that a tenant is being threatened with homeless. This would require local authorities to look at re-housing a tenant from the date the notice expires instead of waiting until they are evicted.

The proposed ‘Homeless Reduction Bill’  is having a second reading in the House of Commons on October 28th and has received cross party support so we  hope  will succeed.

If it does then this potentially will answer one of the major problems faced by many landlords today.